Saturday, October 1, 2011

Servalier Canisters

Hi There, I'm Leah from Storybook Ranch
I recently found these Servalier Canisters for $1.00 in the corner of a thrift store this summer and fell in love.
Mostly, we've used them to pack snacks/lunches for my three sons when we take day trips or go on picnics. But, they would also be great for storing ANYTHING.
Food items, Legos, craft supplies, office supplies.

I'm really digging these bright & cheery colors.
Thanks for letting me share, I look forward to seeing all of your Tupperware!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well It's Saturday morning.

A three day weekend. Nice don't you think...Well I'm thinking barbecue at my son house so fix up the food and bring out the tupperware to put it in and haul it off to his house..They are the best container in the world. I don't know how the new stuff is but I sure love my old containers and all the older ones that I found went to look at the Salvation Army the other day but None... it's getting harder and harder to find.

Here is one of my small old bowl keepers and some late measuring cups in yellow the bowl is before the time of the measuring cups. I believe when I was young so like in the late fifties. Early sixties.

These are Mom's the S & P are waring off now..but these were great. And last some freezer keepers in a lovely blue color. Squares..
Well that's what I came up with today for you..I will have more pictures later when I get back home..I hope you have a lovely three day weekend..Enjoy..with love Janice

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey I'm here...I can post...

Tupperware has been in my life forever and a day...Started with Mom of course... When I first got married I remember ordering my first very own tupperware..Orange canister set then other things.
I just used my lovely Old Cake carrier...I used it upside down to carry my two cakes in that I had made to bring to Mom's house to frost because I didn't have time to finish at home. I haven't got much tupperware anymore a few old pieces. I will try to gather and take a few pictures of it. A lot of things I lost sending food with this person and that...Never send food in your good tupperware with other people. You never receive it back...
Here is my Cake keeper.

Wouldn't give it up for nothing .... I always look for tupperware at the good will and second hand stores, but things are getting rare these days.. I hope to find some good pictures for you...have a very good evening til the next post...nite..Janice

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Four sets and counting...

I'm not sure how many measuring cups one person needs... but I'm up to four full sets of Tupperware measuring cups now. I've got two sets of the tangerine orange, one set of mustard yellow - and here is the newest addition!

They're so pretty and practical. I don't even feel much like a hoarder (even with four sets!) because I use them so often. Anyone found any cool Tupperware lately?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Calling All Vintage Tupperware Addicts

Welcome to the Tupperware Collective! This is a new community blog for those of us who collect, use, love and obsess about vintage Tupperware. If you're a Tupperware maniac and would like to join the collective as an author - please send an email to and I'll add you. If you're a blogger as well, send a link to your blog and I'll link it on the sidebar =)

This blog is for the Tupperware community -so please share pictures, stories, triumphs, losses and feel free to ask questions!

I want to thank Erin and the Pyrex Collectives for inspiring this community blog and giving me permission to use the collective name. This blog only exists because I love the Pyrex Collective so much and wanted a similar place to discuss Tupperware.