Friday, April 8, 2011

Calling All Vintage Tupperware Addicts

Welcome to the Tupperware Collective! This is a new community blog for those of us who collect, use, love and obsess about vintage Tupperware. If you're a Tupperware maniac and would like to join the collective as an author - please send an email to and I'll add you. If you're a blogger as well, send a link to your blog and I'll link it on the sidebar =)

This blog is for the Tupperware community -so please share pictures, stories, triumphs, losses and feel free to ask questions!

I want to thank Erin and the Pyrex Collectives for inspiring this community blog and giving me permission to use the collective name. This blog only exists because I love the Pyrex Collective so much and wanted a similar place to discuss Tupperware.

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