Thursday, May 5, 2011

Four sets and counting...

I'm not sure how many measuring cups one person needs... but I'm up to four full sets of Tupperware measuring cups now. I've got two sets of the tangerine orange, one set of mustard yellow - and here is the newest addition!

They're so pretty and practical. I don't even feel much like a hoarder (even with four sets!) because I use them so often. Anyone found any cool Tupperware lately?


  1. The green is definitely the best. So minty and fresh!

  2. I love tupperware old I have some pieces pastel cereal bowl with lids and small ones...the pink blue and yellow larger bowls with lids..cept my yellow one disappeared. I used to own the orange canister set...and now I own the blue ones. Gave the orange to mom...