Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey I'm here...I can post...

Tupperware has been in my life forever and a day...Started with Mom of course... When I first got married I remember ordering my first very own tupperware..Orange canister set then other things.
I just used my lovely Old Cake carrier...I used it upside down to carry my two cakes in that I had made to bring to Mom's house to frost because I didn't have time to finish at home. I haven't got much tupperware anymore a few old pieces. I will try to gather and take a few pictures of it. A lot of things I lost sending food with this person and that...Never send food in your good tupperware with other people. You never receive it back...
Here is my Cake keeper.

Wouldn't give it up for nothing .... I always look for tupperware at the good will and second hand stores, but things are getting rare these days.. I hope to find some good pictures for you...have a very good evening til the next post...nite..Janice


  1. My grandmother always put her angel food cake in that cake carrier for our family reunions!
    Will have to keep my eye out for one at the thrifts!

  2. I love it..I also have a square oblong one as well and I was just saying they made a pie one and I thought I had two but can't find them..thank you for leaving a comment.

  3. I love mine. Have the handle with it also! I wouldn't give mine up for anything either!